Get a vacuum sealer for sous vide cooking

vacuum sealer for sous videFinding the best vacuum sealer for sous vide cooking method can be challenging. This is where this article will help you some of the best ones in town.

Before we check out the best vacuum sealer for sous vide cooking let us see what sous vide cooking is? Most of you probably know it but may not be familiar with the terminologies. Well! Sous Vide is basically a French word which means to cook under vacuum. This method of cooking takes place for a long interval of time, say 95 hours or even more. This method of cooking involves two steps: the first is fastening food inside a plastic bag, and the second is a water bath. Here, the sealed plastic bag along with the food is kept in a pot or equipment which is maintained at a temperature of about 55˚ to 60˚ Celsius. This temperature is usually lower than the temperature used in traditional cooking methods.

In case of traditional cooking methods, the food is cooked directly in the cook ware, such as pan or pot. Whereas in case of sous vide cooking technique, the food is enclosed in a vacuum-sealed plastic bag. In traditional cooking methodology, food is subjected to direct heat where there are chances of food to get cooked more on the outer side than the meat inside. And more over the temperature cannot be too high as it might burn the food. Whereas when make use of sous vide cooking technique, both temperature as well as cooking time can be adjusted based on your dish. The time required for cooking ranges from 1.5 hours to 72 hours.

So now you must be wondering as to why it is that important to have the best vacuum sealer for this method of cooking. Well! When you make use of a vacuum sealer to seal your food, you are making sure that you have a tight seal, which is extremely important if you want to get good results. The main reasons for using a vacuum sealer in sous vide cooking method are:

  • Foods which have been vacuum-sealed in a bag are kept protected. In this way water will not penetrate inside the bag and thus the food and the flavor are kept undamaged.
  • Since it will be sealed tightly chances of spilling of food into the water is zero, thus it does not affect the flavors also.
  • The moisture which gets built up inside will allow the flavors to soak into your meat thoroughly, making the food tastier and juicier.
  • This moisture will also methodically cook the meat in specific time. So there is no fear of over or under cooking.
  • Water bath is used because it is known to conduct heat better. Thus cooking is done thoroughly.

Some of the top five vacuum sealers are mentioned below:

  • FoodSaver FSFRSH0051 FreshSaver Handheld Vacuum Sealing System
  • FoodSaver V2244 Vacuum Sealing System
  • FoodSaver V4440 2-in-1 Automatic Vacuum Sealing System
  • Weston Pro-2300 Stainless Steel Vacuum Sealer
  • VacMaster VP215 Chamber Vacuum Sealer

So what are you waiting for? Go and get a good vacuum sealer for your delicious food.